The optimal solution for storage, security, organization, and archiving of documents in electronic format, in accordance with the law.
The virtual library application hosted in an accredited data center

We securely store documents in digital format, regardless of the medium they are available on at the time of application integration.

Analog documents are converted into electronic format, making them as easy to process as digitally generated documents.

Integration options for RepoZIP:

  • Operational archiving in an ADR authorized data center
  • Archiving in accordance with Law 135/2007 on archiving electronic documents in an ADR authorized data center

Modular architecture of the application


RepoZIP is built with 5 modules that ensure flawless functionality.

  • Document IMPORT module (image + metadata), even at the folder level (documents are linked by Folder ID)
  • Archiving module in accordance with Law 135/2007 (optional):
    • Owner Signature Verification
    • Timestamp Application + Archivist Signature
  • REPOSITORY module - document (folder) storage and document viewing
  • ADMINISTRATION module (client, access rights, templates, perspectives, metadata, etc)

Features of the RepoZIP application

  • Facilitates secure access to the virtual library from anywhere and at any time, through a web browser, using a secure HTTPS connection
  • Provides quick retrieval of archived documents
  • Offers various levels of document access
  • Ensures document recovery in case of disaster
  • Provides high system availability (99.98%), ensured by the quality of the hardware and software infrastructure, backed by 24/7/365 physical monitoring
  • Guarantees long-term document preservation
  • ISO/IEC 27001 compliant information system

RepoZIP ensures:

  • CONFIDENTIALITY – ensures access to documents only through person authentication (username and password) in accordance with permissions resulting from group and role settings
  • INTEGRITY – prohibits unauthorized modification, deletion, or addition of documents by creating a document fingerprint and signing it with the archivist's extended electronic signature
  • AVAILABILITY – ensures the necessary conditions for easy retrieval and use whenever needed, with strict adherence to document confidentiality and integrity conditions
  • NON-REPUDIATION – ensures that after importing into the application, the document existed at that moment in time

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