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Who we are

We are a team of experts who bring together all the necessary skills, infrastructure and resources to support companies at every stage of digital transformation.


Together with our partners, the ZIPPER expert team creates strategies and solutions to advance step by step in the field of digitalization, continuously testing the performance of implemented projects.

Through our endeavors, we aim to automate and simplify people's work with data and documents, allowing them to focus their energy on personal and professional development.

In our 25 years of evolution, we have undergone a transformative journey ourselves: from a provider of conventional services (production and customization of printed materials) to a specialist in automation, management, archiving, and data and document security solutions through digital technology.

Today, we offer our clients complementary solutions, services, and products that cover the entire cycle of data and documents received, circulated, and dispatched within a company.

Through the automation processes implemented with our partners, we aim to relieve employees of routine and limiting tasks, optimizing valuable resources, unlocking people's development potential, and increasing the performance of the businesses they operate in.

All products, services, and solutions offered by ZIPPER are based on certifications and accreditations granted by internal and international authorities. By choosing the ZIPPER team for digital transformation, you choose seriousness, efficiency, and professionalism.

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Our mission is to create digital solutions for streamlining document management activities, offering people the freedom to focus on their growth and businesses.



The potential for professional development is hindered by routine, limiting, time-consuming activities. Digital technology can unlock it!

By fully understanding the data and document flows within companies, we efficiently solve the specific problems of each industry, significantly contributing to the performance growth of the business environment.




Professional development is a constant concern for Zipper. We continuously invest in the training, qualification, and updating of skills within our team. We vouch for ZIPPER solutions and services because they are created by specialists with the highest professional level.


We build lasting relationships based on listening, analysis, and understanding. We consider each partnership an opportunity to evolve both personally and professionally. We recognize and value the individual talents of our team members, cultivating them to create competitive advantages.


Innovation is the DNA of ZIPPER. We encourage the generation of new ideas that bring value and focus on finding efficient ways of implementation through digital technology.

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