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The electronic payment management tool.
OCS Payments.
It monitors and manages the real-time collection and reconciliation processes, regardless of the online channel used by the payer.

How does it work?

  • Step 1 From the issuer's billing system, Unifiedpost Payments retrieves invoice data and generates the payment element (QR code on the invoice, payment button or "in-mail" link, payment button or link in the issuer's customer portal, etc).
  • Step 2 By accessing the respective links, the payer is directed to a web page with the issuer's branding elements, where all locally supported payment methods are integrated (PSD2 - direct bank transfer, card payment, local payment processors - e.g., Revolut, etc).
  • Step 3 The payment is made, and Unifiedpost Payments receives confirmation from the payment intermediary (bank, Revolut, etc).
  • Step 4 The payment status is immediately updated, and this information is sent to the issuer's billing system, as well as visually highlighted to the payer and the issuer by coloring an icon green on the respective invoice.

Online collections?

One API - Multiple available channels

The collection process can be ensured through multiple channels:



The payer receives an email from which they can directly initiate the payment.

Online portal

The payer initiates the payment from their customer account.


The payment can be initiated from the invoice issuer's application, or through an SMS or messaging application.


A QR code can be inserted on the printed invoice.

Real-time monitoring and reconciliation

Real-time payment monitoring is easy and secure with our solution because:
Payment status tracking can be set to update at any interval.
It can be visually presented through status icons that can be implemented in online channels (customer portal, email, or mobile applications).
Status updates can also be provided for payments made outside the Unifiedpost Payments platform.
The status can be pushed to the issuer's Billing system.
Reconciliation of collections with invoices in the Billing/ERP system happens instantly.

Why choose the Smart e-payments online payment solution?

Key benefits:

  • Shorter collection/receipt period (within the same business day or 24 hours) through the PSD2 process.
  • Lower costs per transaction - fixed costs not proportional to the value.
  • Single integration (API) for all collection channels.
  • Easy tracking and reconciliation of collections.
  • Ability to send reminders to debtors (automated and initiated by the payer).

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