Qualified electronic timestamp.

What is a Trusted Timestamp?

A trusted timestamp is a timestamp issued by a Trusted Timestamping Authority (TSA) and meet RFC 3161, RFC 5816 and ETSI requirements. A qualified timestamp is issued by an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider. Qualified electronic timestamps enjoy, all over the EU, the presumption of the accuracy of the date and the time it indicates and the integrity of the data to which the date and time are linked and assure non-repudiation of data and documents.

Marcă Temporală Electronică

Electronic Timestamp

Marcă Temporală Electronică Calificată

Qualified Electronic Timestamp

A qualified timestamp provides cryptographic proof that a data object existed at the UTC time shown within the timestamp. The time is provided from multiple NTP (Network Time Protocol) Servers according to the EU legislation.

The TSA service is included as part of commercial managed PKI services

servicii pki
servicii pki

RFC 3161 TSP Request message containing hash fingerprint for any document / transaction.*
RFC 3161 TSP Response message containing timestamp token**

See here the Terms and Conditions of the service

Zipper is certified as a TSA Service

ZIPPER Qualified Time-Stamping Services are provided according to the eIDAS Regulation, the ETSI EN 319 421 and to EN 319 422 standards and under the authority of ZIPPER acting as Qualified Time-Stamping Authority.

Zipper operates in terms of its own Certification Practice statement (CPS) that complies with the requirements laid down by Zipper Certificate Policies (CP).

Zipper provides a trust service of qualified timestamp included in the European Trusted List

ZIPPER’s Qualified Time-Stamping Service supports also the following timestamping:

  • PAdESService - adds a timestamp to a PDF document;
  • ASiCWithCAdESService - creates a timestamped ASiC container with provided documents.


1 What is the eIDAS Regulation?

Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (the eIDAS Regulation) went into force on 1 July, 2016 having 'direct effect'-in other words, being mandatory and wholly adopted in all EU member states, with precedent over any conflicting national laws. It replaces the eSignature Directive (1999/93/EC) and establishes an EU-wide legal framework for electronic signatures and a range of newly defined electronic "trust services".

2 What is an EU Qualified Timestamp Service?

An electronic timestamp is data in electronic form which binds other data in electronic form to a particular time establishing evidence that the latter data existed at that time. As part of the eIDAS Regulation, a timestamp can be qualified. Following stricter requirements laid down in eIDAS, a qualified electronic timestamp enjoys the presumption of the accuracy of the date and the time it indicates and the integrity of the data (e.g. signed document) to which the date and time are bound. Zipper Services is a provider of qualified timestamping services in accordance with the provisions of the European Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS).

3 What is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP)?

Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) means a Trust Service Provider who provides one or more qualified trust services and is granted the qualified status by the Supervisory Body.

4 How can I get a qualified electronic timestamp?

Qualified timestamps are provided as part of a service, provided by Zipper Services as qualified trust service provider (QTSP).

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