What is Mailroom ZIP?

Mailroom ZIP is an automated digital document processing solution that independently and automatically handles medium and large volumes of documents.

The application utilizes the latest OCR, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies to process documents received by the company through various channels. It sorts, segments (when necessary), filters, and classifies electronic documents, subsequently transmitting them to the recipient in different formats (export or access through the application's virtual library).

OCR and ICR technologies recognize, extract, and process the content and format of incoming documents, while Artificial Intelligence tools have the ability to understand and interpret data types and documents, classify them, and allocate them into categories based on their type. Moreover, with the help of Machine Learning tools, the platform learns from each action and user behavior, continuously improving and fully automating the document processing processes.

Mailroom ZIP is the optimal solution for debt collection and recovery companies!

  • If you want to streamline the handling of a large volume of documents;
  • If you have a high volume of operational electronic documents that require immediate use within your company;
  • If you manage various document formats, both physical (letters, invoices, faxes, etc.) and electronic (PDF files, text files, images, emails);
  • If you have unstructured documents in your archive that require limited human and time resources for processing;
  • If you need to deliver documents to specific clients or recipients within a very short timeframe;
  • If you want to minimize the risk of human errors in the processing workflow and avoid losing or misplacing documents.

Benefits of Mailroom ZIP

  • Automatically processes and classifies documents using OCR, AI, and Machine Learning technologies
  • Drastically reduces document processing time from hours to just a few minutes
  • Significantly lowers document processing costs
  • Handles documents in any format
  • Improves data accuracy by up to 99%
  • Eliminates the risk of document loss or misplacement
  • Increases staff efficiency
  • Provides quick and controlled access to processed documents
  • Offers specialized consultancy

How does it work?

We provide you with a flexible and efficient solution tailored to your company's needs and requirements!


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