Document security and brand protection through special printing materials and techniques.

We secure documents and protect brands using papers, inks, graphics and special printing techniques. We understand the important and unique nature of different documents and the need to protect brands.

Therefore, we are trying to prevent, by what we do, any attempt of counterfeiting. We provide clients with experience in the field of security printing, relying on a team of specialists and the best materials.











Why do you need Security Printing?

Protecting documents
Securing brands
Combating counterfeiting
Controlling authenticity
Uniqueness of documents
Originality of documents
Detailed information about security features
Defending credibility

Benefits of Security Printing

Protected documents
Secured brands
Counterfeit hampered
Uniqueness guaranteed
Originality assured
Access to the newest and different ways of securing
Concrete methods for checking authenticity
Credibility and reputation protected
More resources allocated to own processes
Expert advice

Ask for a price offer for Security Printing!

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How we secure?

There are multiple ways to secure a document. We present you some of them so as to get a clear picture about the options we make available to you. We also show you how to identify them and thus check the authenticity of documents.
Learn some useful information on types of security features:
Overt: apparent to the naked eye
Covert: detectable only by using special devices (magnifying glass, UV lamp, laser)
Forensic: known only by the issuer and visible only under laboratory conditions


ASk for DEMO for Security Printing!

You have at your disposal security paper, graphics and printing for testing the security level of your documents or brands.

Why Zipper?

Dozens of companies and public institutions are beneficiaries of our services
Safety paper with watermark, registered with OSIM
Intergraf certification for safety typography
ICMA certification for card production
Safety graphics specialists
Always in step with new findings in the field
Concern for social and economic impact of counterfeiting
Physical and information security
Financial stability
Average annual turnover of 20 million euros in Romania
Specialized dedicated team (sales, account, IT)
Transparency and traceability
Integration of safety printing complementary/related solutions