Turnkey solution for automatic processing of invoices.

Automatic invoice processing represents an useful tool for any company who's receiving hundreds of invoices every day. Their manual validation, the matching with purchase orders and with the receiving notes is a long, complicated and expensive process.

We make you available a turnkey solution of collection, recognition and validation of the data from the invoices, irrespective of their format and of the environment form which they come. The data can be automatically exported to systems of ERP, CRM, ECM type, virtual library, electronic archive etc.











Why do you need Invoice Automation?

High volumes of invoices that need to be processed
The received invoices have different formats
The invoices to be processed are received on various channels (physical, mail, fax, portal web etc)
Skilled human resources allotted for the entering of the data from the invoices are considerable
High risk of human error occurrence
High duration of the time assigned for processing
Low efficiency of manual processing
Efficient assignment of own resources

Benefits of the invoice flow automation

One sole entry gate for the invoices
Automatic sorting of the invoices
A reduction of the manual processing of the data by 50% up to 90%
Increases he personnel efficiency
Data accuracy
Secured and controlled access
Drop by over 50% of the total processing time
Secured information
Scalability at infrastructure level
Easy integration with the existent internal systems
Specialized consulting

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How does Invoice automation work?

We offer you a flexible and efficient application that can be configured according to your special requirements.

Invoice collection

One company gateway for all the invoices! You benefit from an application that automatically takes over the invoices, irrespective of the format and of the manner in which they reach the organization.

Reading, recognition and extraction

The invoices are fully read, and the data is automatically extracted, recognized and validated by predefined rules correlated to those from the internal systems in which they integrate.

The application extracts data both from the heading and footer of the invoice, as well as from its lines.

Data validation and reports

You have full flexibility and control: you can manually correct the data, set processing priorities and have reports and statistics!

For the situations in which the collected data cannot be accurately recognized, you have the possibility of manual correction.

Data export

It is natively connected to the most important systems in your company! We make everything possible and we optimize the use of all the documents, irrespective of the application, department or user.

Security Invoice automation

Offered As a Service or On Premises
Platform developed on Microsoft technology, using consecrated IT standards (.Net, Asp .Net, jQuery, CSS3, Microsoft SQL Server)
Allows the establishment of the roles and rights of access to the application
SAP certified integration
High scalability, bears the installation in Network Load Balancing
High availability
ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System
ISO 14001: 2005, Environmental Management System
ISO OHSAS 18001:2008, Management System on Occupational Health and Safety Standard
ISO 20000-1:2011, Management System of Services in Information Technology
ISO 27001:2013, Information Security Management System
ISO 15416, Level 2, Barcodes quality certificate (printing and positioning)

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Why Zipper?

Partner in Romania of the global leader in ECM
Over 800 companies in 40 countries successfully use Invoice Automation
Millions of processed invoices
Over 20 years of experience in ECM solutions (Enterprise Content Management)
Prize Best IT Solution la It Innovations Awards 2015
Best recognition rate both at field level as well as at character: level over 70%
Increased output: from 180 to 600-800 invoices processed daily/operator
Reduction of invoice management costs (ROI – Return on Investment) shall be made in a period less than 12 months (for a volume of at least 12.000 invoices/month)
Physical and information security
Financial stability
Annual average turnover in Romania of 20 million euro
Specialized dedicated team (sales, account, IT)
Transparency and traceability
Integration of complementary solutions /attached to the solution