The intelligent solution for automation and optimization of document flows in your company.

We automatically process the documents, optimizing the document flows in your organization, the client relation service and the relation with the suppliers and the business partners.

We collect by means of a sole platform all the documents entering the company (letters, complaints, orders, contracts etc), we classify them, we extract the desired information, we validate them and we centralise them.

Document Automation classifies and sorts all the documents received in an organization, whether we talk about non structured documents, semi-structured documents or documents structured as form, printed, handwritten or images, irrespective of the language in which they are edited. Information from all the sources is automatically integrated in various financial or purchase flows(ERP, CRM, ECM, file manager, virtual library, electronic archive etc).











Why do you need Document Automation?

High volumes of documents received in the company must be processed
The received documents have different formats: physical (letters, invoices, faxes etc) and electronic (text files, images emails, PDF files)
The time allocated for managing multiple types and channels of communication is considerable
The risk of occurrence of human error in the processing flow is high
The document must reach as soon as possible the correct addressee in the company
There is a risk of misplacing and losing the document
The customers’ expectations regarding the answer time within the context of extending electronic communication ate higher and higher
High pressure with regard to low answer time
Skilled human resources allocated for registration and management of documents are important
Efficient allocation of own resources

Benefits of document flow automation

One company gateway for the documents
Automatic processing
Manual entering of the data is almost fully eliminated
Recognition of all the documents, irrespective of the format, language or currency in which they are issued, correspondence with multiple pages, images, attachments
Processing of all the documents irrespective of the format: structured (standard forms, notifications), semi-structured – with various layouts(example invoices), non-structured (contracts, complaints)
Increased efficiency of the personnel
Data accuracy
The final addressee receives the information in the shortest time
Classification of the entire correspondence by using Supervised Learning technology
Control and visibility on the entire processing flow
Quick and controlled access to information
50% reduction of costs on client relation service personnel
The customers’ satisfaction by optimised answer time increases
The answer time is reduced from 3-5 minutes (in manual processing) to less than one minute
Easy integration with the existent internal systems
More resources allocated for own processes
Specialised consulting

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How does Document Automation work?

We offer you some details about the way you could use a smart application for the automation of the document flows.

Collecting documents

One company gateway for all the documents!

You benefit from an application that automatically collects the documents, irrespective of the format and of the manner in which they reach the company: online portal, electronic post, mobile, tablet or physical documents that subsequently scanned, read and converted.

Classification and allocation of routes

Intelligent classification, according to the document type!

The application identifies the format and structure of any received document, irrespective of the type, it recognises it intelligently, automatically classifies it and prioritises it, being subsequently appropriately routed for the extraction of the desired information.

Reading, recognition and extraction

It reads, recognizes intelligently and extracts the data automatically!

All the documents are fully read, and the data is automatically extracted, recognized and validated by predefined rules correlated to those from the internal systems in which they integrate.

Data validation and reports

You have full control: you can manually validate, prioritize and visualize reports!
For the situations in which the collected data cannot be accurately recognized, you have the possibility of manual correction. You can set priorities for the documents with regard to the processing order or manual processing stations to which they shall be routed.

Data export

It is natively connected to the most important systems in your company!

We make everything possible and we optimize the use of all the documents, irrespective of the application, department or user.

Automatic answers

You can communicate in real time with the application users.!

By means of the application you benefit from support for setting automatic answers for certain important points in the document flow.
Alerts or notifications present throughout the document flow will notify you in relation to any incorrect action or data from the process of the documents vehicle in the application.

Security Document automation

Offered As a Service or On Premises
Platform developed on Microsoft technology, using consecrated IT standards (.Net, Asp .Net, jQuery, CSS3, Microsoft SQL Server)
Allows the establishment of the roles and rights of access to the application
SAP certified integration
High scalability, bears the installation in Network Load Balancing
High availability
ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System
ISO 14001: 2005, Environment management system ISO OHSAS 18001:2008, Management System on Occupation Security and Health Standard
ISO 20000-1:2011, Service Management System in the field of Information Technology
ISO 27001:2013, Information Security Management System
ISO 15416, Level 2, Certificate on the quality of bar codes (printing and positioning)

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Why Zipper?

Partner in Romania of the global leader in ECM
Implementations in over 40 countries
Millions of processed documents and images
Over 20 years of experience in ECM solutions (Enterprise Content Management)
Certification PaperStream IP Image Enhancement Solution, Fujitsu
Prize Best IT Solution la It Innovations Awards 2015
Optimization of costs for the management of the documents (ROI – Return on Investment) is carried out on a period less than 12 months (for a volume of at least 10.000 documents/month)
Physical and information security
Financial stability
Annual average turnover in Romania of 20 million euro
Specialised dedicated team (sales, account, IT)
Transparency and traceability
Integration of complementary solutions /attached to the solution