Efficient solution for the registration and record of the documents.

We register all the documents vehicles in an organization and we manage them in an efficient manner.

Registry is an application that is easy to use and flexible allowing the registration of all the documents vehicles within a company coming from various media and irrespective of the format. The user benefits from the record in real time of the system documents.











Why do you need the Registry?

Entries and exits are recorded in a sole register
High duration of time allocated to the registration of documents
Documents to be registered have various formats (physical, electronic)
Entries come from various media (fax, mail, physical)
A registration number is allocated to the registered documents
Initial registration is often accompanied by additional documents
Search for information regarding the depositor / document deposited is difficult
Reduction of the risk of occurrence of error in the registration of documents
Efficient assignment of own resources

Benefits of the Registry

Creation of standard entry/exit documents
Issuance of registration ticket for confirming the registration and the settlement period
Entry of documents from various media (fax, e-mail, videoconference)
Safety in registering the documents
Data accuracy
Increased efficiency of the personnel
Less time for the registration and entry of the document
Reduced time of answer for each registration
Access to information regarding the deponent/deposited document
Integration with web interface of the beneficiary (possibility to register any online filled in form)
Accessibility from within and from outside the organization
Several resources assigned for own processes
Specialised consulting

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How does the Registry work?

We show you how you could register and monitor your incoming and outgoing documents.

Security Registry

Offered On Premises
Architecture 3-Tier (client-server, with separation on 3 levels: presentation, functional logics and data)
User authentication with Active Directory
Web service allowing the registry of the documents by other external applications as well as the export of the data registered towards other applications
Control mechanisms in order to access the data / elements by various users with specific roles or within specific groups
Protection against deliberate or accidental attempts of unauthorised access
Logging of all the operations
Security of the access to the data base
Security of operations
Competitive and distributed access to the database for several users
ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System
ISO 14001: 2005, Environmental Management System
ISO OHSAS 18001:2008, Management System on Occupational Health and Safety Standard
ISO 20000-1:2011, Management System of Services in Information Technology
ISO 27001:2013, Information Security Management System
ISO 15416, Level 2, Barcodes quality certificate (printing and positioning)

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Why Zipper?

100% Romanian software
Methodology of project implementation according to the standard proposed by Project Management Institute and Project Management Book Of Knowledge
1 year guarantee from the delivery of the product that covers the update basic services
Client-server technology
Software maintenance
Technical support
Physical and information security
Financial stability
Annual average turnover in Romania of 20 million euro
Specialised dedicated team (sales, account, IT)
Transparency and traceability
Integration of complementary solutions /attached to the solution