Multifunctional solution for registry.

We are offering you a universal work station, which combines innovating scanning of “drop feed” type with the performance of a high capacity output scanner.

Designed for the fast processing of high volumes of documents, EnterpriseScan is the solution by means of which both the opening of the envelopes as well as the automatic extraction, the sorting and scanning at higher resolutions of their content can be achieved in a natural and quick manner.











Why do you need EnterpriseScan?

High duration of time allocated in the traditional (manual) flow for processing documents/correspondence
Preparation and scanning consume human resources
The received correspondence is on different supports or on different shapes
Information must be easily managed
Knowledge of document status
Documents must directly reach the beneficiary from the organization
The Information/documents to process can be lost
High risk of human error occurrence
Efficient assignment of own resources

Benefits of EnterpriseScan

Low processing costs
Shortened working flow
Document processing, irrespective of the form or support (paper, cards, CDs etc)
Data accuracy
Increased efficiency of the personnel (one sole operator)
Confidentiality and integrity of the information
Optimised allotted work area
Mobile work station
Classification of documents per user / department
Connection with the systems of document management or virtual library
Acceleration of document processing and decision making

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How does EnterpriseScan work?

We share our knowledge and experience in using this innovating scanning solution. EnterpriseScan is equipped with four types of feeding: of high capacity, of "drop-feed" type, of package type and one sole feeding by rescanning.

Document feeding

Patented feeding technology allows efficient scanning directly on the feeding belt, while the processing sensors adjust speed for an optimal scanning result.

The equipment is equipped with two types of feeding trays:
-one of high capacity, the utilization of an additional scanner of high volume being no longer necessary
-one designed for quick and efficient rescanning, without the interruption of the scanning process
The conveyor belt can support over 700 pages, providing a high capacity of continuous processing.

Automatic opening of the envelopes

The work station benefits from an automatic mode for cutting and opening the envelopes of various sizes, having a capacity of up to 3600 units/hour.

The thickness of the envelope is measured by means of an automatic system, warning the operator in case he forgot a document in the processed envelope.
Once the envelope opened, the operator shall be able to extract the entire content from it, further sending it on the processing flow.

Rule setting

The operator can set up to nine distinct modes of differentiating documents.

By means of the Multi ID-assist technology the documents shall be automatically classified, based on the pre-established criteria.


The double sided scanner has a speed of up to 110ppm/220ipm @300 dpi.

During scanning, the operators can follow the images in real time in order to make sure the captures are accurate and in order to take care of their identification. Documents of different shapes and of different materials (paper, CDs, plastic cards etc) can be scanned and processed.

Double sided printer

The system has a printer incorporated, that can print on a double sided basis bar codes, signatures, logos and maximum 3 printed lines, with a possibility of combining them.

Image capture external device

The equipment also disposes of an external capture device, along with a software system, that can be optionally purchased.

Even the objects in 3D format can be processed and stored in an electronic file.

Document assignment

After processing, the documents are directed to the collection trays, especially configured for exceptions. In dealing with exceptions, criteria are established by the user.


The system offers the possibility to read and print several types of bar codes, as well as the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Reading) options.

The scanner is delivered together with a driver, whose role is to visualise and self classify documents. The drover allows the creation of “batch” type information packages in which the name of the files can be configured according to the needs of the client and facilitates the export of images and information in PDF,TXT,XML,OXI,TIFF etc type formats. Having VRS technology incorporated, it allows the editing and improvement of the images.

Security EnterpriseScan

The application runs on Microsoft Windows system
Logging of all the performed operations, per each single user (user and password)
Logging history
Generation of reports regarding the activity of each user, per processed volumes
ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System
ISO 14001: 2005, Environment management system
ISO OHSAS 18001:2008, Management System on Occupation Security and Health Standard
ISO 20000-1:2011, Service Management System in the field of Information Technology
ISO 27001:2013, Information Security Management System
ISO 15416, Level 2, Certificate on the quality of bar codes (printing and positioning)

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Why Zipper?

Partner in Romania and in Hungary of the global leader in high speed processing solutions, scanning and processing of the documents
Beneficiaries of an experience of over 35 years in manufacturing equipment of extraction of correspondence from envelopes, of our partner, market leader in the United States
Technical support
Physical and information security
Financial stability
Annual average turnover in Romania of 20 million euro
Specialised dedicated team (sales, account, IT)
Transparency and traceability
Integration of complementary solutions /attached to the solution