The optimal solution combining the advantages of transaction print with those of advertising.

Transpromo is a marketing instrument that brings a double benefit. The issuers of transaction documents (invoices, account statements, notifications etc) can exploit at maximum the printable space, achieving revenues from its rental, while the companies that want to promote themselves have the guarantee of an efficient target, one to one, at lower prices.

The colour printed invoices or the account statements make communication much more efficient and more accessible. Unlike the separately sent flyers, messages from a transaction document retain the attention for a longer period, and your customers become much more receptive to the content of the invoices that you transmit. A promotional flyer transmitted individually can have a lower efficiency even in the case of an attractive format.











Why do you need TransPromo?

Studies show a lower efficiency of invasive promotion
Promotional flyers are rarely read completely
The blankets in the documents transmitted to the customers can be efficiently used
Invoices are opened immediately (83%), carefully read (65%) and kept in the personal archives (72%)
In case of tax documents, colours have an important role in reminding the message, in identifying the brand and in understanding its content
Supplier management is a high time consumer
The carrying out of the non specific activities is always performed to the detriment of own processes
Short term for the communication of correspondence
Difficult adaptation to the correspondence volume variations
Low power of negotiation with the suppliers of typographic and post services
Maintenance costs of the own equipment are not in direct relation with the processed volume
High investment level
Moral wear of the equipment
Technological progress and the need to adapt
More efficient assignment of own resources

Benefits of TransPromo

Efficient channel of communication and promotion
Message reading rate of over 90%
Transforms a generator of costs into a source of income
The advertiser has the guarantee of an efficient targeting
Communication only to certain publics, selected according to preferential filters: age, geographic position, revenues
Less time allocated for supplier management
Several resources allocated for own processes
Access to technology and to industrial capacities
Production, operation and distribution costs are reduced
Sending time is reduced
The stocks of materials and related costs are eliminated
Control over errors in processing
Provides confidentiality of the information and data transmitted for processing
Specialised consulting

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How do we process TransPromo?

We show you how we are processing this type of correspondence and how we take care of its distribution, nationally and internationally.

Analysis and optimization

We identify and propose optimal solution!

We attentively analyse the needs of your company in order to be able to offer you the most suitable solution.
Because we want each collaboration to benefit from the best quality price ratio, we prepare the best offer for you.


Details are essential.

We grant maximum attention to each project so that our collaboration benefits from the best result, at visual and information level.
We allocate you a team of professionals, with experience in counselling customers and in data processing.

Order processing

We consult with you in all the stages of the process and we validate together the data and files to print.

Once the final approval is achieved, we implement the order in the production flow.


Safe and high performance post services!

You benefit from our experience as market leader in the integration of post distribution services and partnerships concluded with top suppliers in the field.

Processing and reporting of post returns

We close the flow of the order with picking up the return correspondence from your mail box and processing it.
We centralise and we report the situation of the post returns. We communicate them to you electronically, but we also deliver them physically at the company headquarters or in other locations specified by you.

Security TransPromo

Security at human factor level
Especially qualified and trained human guard
Access of the employees based on bidirectional access cards
Security at data and document flow level
Secured Intranet without external connections
Security at production level
Detection sensors for movement, smoke and fires in the document processing area
Insurance against natural calamities and vandalism
Restricted access, exclusively based on access card

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Why Zipper?

The most recent colour variable print technology
Awarded inkjet technology (DigiDot)
Remarkable quality of colour image (1200 dpi)
Market leader in Romania, with over 100 million processed envelopes per year
Market leader in integrating post distribution services
Strategic partnerships concluded with top suppliers of post services
ANCOM authorisation of December 2013
Capacity and location Backup: 2 processing centres in Cluj-Napoca and in Bucharest
6 processing centres in Europe
Processing term of maximum 72 hours
Automatic control per flows (OMR code scanning, check of the envelopes by DataRead)
Customized installed capacities black and white of over 4 million A4 sheets per day
Colour customized installed capacities of over 1 million d A4 sheets per day
Installed capacities of insertion of about 3 million envelopes per day
Customization capacities on the envelope of 3 million envelopes per day
Capacities to process consignments with acknowledgment of receipt without human intervention of 250.000 envelopes per day
Specialised dedicated team (sales, account, IT)
Integration of complementary solutions /attached to the correspondence service